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015 - Atlassian’s ‘no BS’ take on tech, vocational education and government with David Masters

015 - Atlassian’s ‘no BS’ take on tech, vocational education and government with David Masters

July 12, 2021

Atlassian is Australia’s big global technology success story. It’s also a tech firm known for straight-talking leadership, going all-in on innovative approaches to work and backing its purpose and values with real-world actions that it says are now expected by Aussie employees and the wider community.


And it professes to do it all with no BS and a deep commitment to its purpose.


We sat down with Atlassian’s Director of Global Public Policy, David Masters to discuss the ways in which the tech titan is working with government to foster Australia’s tech future and talent pipelines, how vocational training can play a big role in meeting our digital skills needs and why, ultimately, purpose and culture are the secret sauce for every business.


In this episode Marc and David explore:


  • The big issues Atlassian is focusing on and vocal about, from global data regimes to local innovation and talent
  • Why higher ed and vocational providers should focus on what they do best (and doubled down on digital skills)
  • The natural disconnect between industry and government, how to find common ground and improve collaboration, and
  • Why perseverance, culture and legacy are the keys to Atlassian’s growth and success.


014 – Skills and TAFE in a Digital World with Craig Robertson (TAFE Directors Australia)

014 – Skills and TAFE in a Digital World with Craig Robertson (TAFE Directors Australia)

May 4, 2021

The digital world is transforming business, jobs and the skills required for learners across every industry.
With fast-paced change driven by continuous innovation and new technology, the TAFE and wider Vocational Education and Training (VET) industry is grappling with new ways to skill up flexible, contextualised and industry-ready talent.


We sat down with TAFE Directors Australia (TDA) CEO, Craig Robertson, who talks to his personal journey as part of the skills sector over 30 years, and his innate motivation to make a difference in the sector. In this episode, Marc and Craig explore: 


  • Why the skills sector needs to adapt to a digitised world.
  • The unique roles and differentiators of TAFE, private and global training providers.
  • How training for adaptable and localised skills – not specific jobs – will future-proof Australia in a digital economy, and
  • The challenge of delivering training for the ‘now’ versus preparing learners for the digital world.
013 – Decoding the world of business technology with Matt Paff (vSure)

013 – Decoding the world of business technology with Matt Paff (vSure)

December 2, 2020

Why should businesses make decisions holistically around technology? How has HR, CRM and ERP evolved? And where are they heading, especially with the sudden impact of COVID-19?


In the latest WorkED episode, Marc Washbourne sits down with vSure’s Managing Director and veteran of the business technology industry in Australia and New Zealand, Matt Paff to understand the latest developments in the business tech industry.


Renowned for his regular commentary on key business technology players and trends, Matt shares his insights from over two decades of experience across a vast array of tech projects, companies and roles.


The universe of business technology is a complex one, so it's essential that businesses know how to keep it simple when it matters most.


012 - Fighting for Potential - Tom Moore, WithYouWithMe

012 - Fighting for Potential - Tom Moore, WithYouWithMe

September 14, 2020

Tom Moore is a man on a mission – and it’s not about making you comfortable. A self-described ‘monster’ since childhood, he has put his confrontational character to work for good as the founder of WithYouWithMe, which supports veterans transition back into work. His approach has been so successful that Tom’s squad have turned their minds to the wider skills and workforce ecosystem.


  • What can we learn from the military about transitioning young people to a fast-changing workforce?
  • How can we better use data to match candidate potential and capabilities with workforce skills gaps?
  • And what’s possible when an individual decides to accept responsibility, stand up, and ‘be fierce’?

Listen to Tom’s captivating and confronting take on these questions in conversation with ReadyTech CEO Marc Washbourne.

011 - Payroll: The New Normal - Tracy Angwin, Australian Payroll Association

011 - Payroll: The New Normal - Tracy Angwin, Australian Payroll Association

July 8, 2020

Payroll is a vitally important business function, yet it is often treated as an afterthought. Thanks to the vast challenges of the year 2020 – both regulatory and economic – there is now a transformational journey underway in the way employers think about payroll’s role in the future of work.

Australian Payroll Association CEO Tracy Angwin is a leading local thinker on payroll. In this special webcast with ReadyTech CEO Marc Washbourne, Tracy will share her views on payroll's 'new normal', from the underpayment crisis and compliance, to workplace flexibility, culture and the role of technology.



010 - Work, Financial Security and Hope - Mariam Mohammed, MoneyGirl

010 - Work, Financial Security and Hope - Mariam Mohammed, MoneyGirl

June 29, 2020

Mariam Mohammed is no stranger to hope.

As a young migrant who came to Australia from Pakistan with just $300, she has been an eye-witness to how education and financial security can transform lives on her journey to found financial education business MoneyGirl and become an AFR Woman of Influence in 2019.

In this special podcast recording of a live interview with ReadyTech CEO Marc Washbourne, Mariam shares her insights on everything from supporting staff and students financially after COVID-19 to her views on financial health, entrepreneurship, careers, women in work and hope.

How can educators and employers better support those students and employees affected by the economic downturn? How can financial education for women play a role in the future of our workplaces and society? And why should we hold on to hope eve in tough times?

Join Marc Washbourne and Mariam Mohammed as they discuss the role of education, work, financial security, community – and hope – post-COVID-19.

009 - Our Intelligent Online Learning Future – Daniel Fish, GO1

009 - Our Intelligent Online Learning Future – Daniel Fish, GO1

April 24, 2020

The world of online and digital learning has taken on new importance during COVID-19. With the need for educators and organisations to migrate learning offerings from face-to-face to online, there’s been a rush to understand the ‘how’ of getting content to students to keep businesses running.


​​But what about the ‘why’? Where does online delivery fit in the future of work beyond the immediate needs of now?​​


​​GO1’s Daniel Fish has spent years working at the nexus of learning and work. As Strategy Director at online learning platform GO1 (after gaining a privileged view of the learning imperative at jobs platform SEEK), Dan has experienced how learning and the future of work can co-exist in online content technology.


  • ​​What if you had the learning you need at any stage of your career when you needed it? 
  • ​​What if this learning technology knew your interests and career aspirations as well as you do, and could filter a world of offerings to bring you the optimal learning to upskill and reskill?
  • ​​What if learning and work were connected as part of a natural ‘flow’?


​​Join Marc Washbourne and Dan Fish on WorkED as they explore the intelligent future of online learning beyond COVID-19.

008 - The Age of The Employer-Employee Alliance – Daniel Cohen Flare HR

008 - The Age of The Employer-Employee Alliance – Daniel Cohen Flare HR

March 12, 2020

Master-servant-style employer-employee relationships are a hangover from times past. Though many employers hold on to the vestiges of traditional workplace cultures, the reality is they are fast being replaced by a much closer and more fruitful partnership between employers and employees.

Will the future see what co-founder of LinkedIn Reid Hoffman has termed The Alliance?

CEO of Flare HR, Dan Cohen, certainly thinks so. A leading thinker and practitioner in the world of employee engagement, he sits down with Marc Washbourne on WorkED to define the alliance and explore the potential of this partnership model for employers and employees alike in the future of work.

Tackling the vanishing borders between work and life, the death of lifetime employment in favour of shorter term ‘tours of duty’ and the growing role of employers in areas as diverse as financial and mental health, as well as skills development, Dan explains why future careers are a ‘drunkard’s walk’.

Will future employees be more like the free agents we know today in soccer or baseball? How can they be engaged in one – or multiple - tours of duty for the mutual benefit of the employer and the employee? And how can we ensure we’re being ‘cool, not creepy’ in our use of employee data?

This fascinating reimagining of the employer-employee relationship is essential listening for business leaders and managers.

007 - Finding Your ‘Second-Half Hero’ - Mark Hodgson

007 - Finding Your ‘Second-Half Hero’ - Mark Hodgson

December 17, 2019

The working world we all inhabit is more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous than ever, something that can be particularly challenging when we reach our 40s and 50s. Could career reinvention through finding our ‘second-half hero’ be the answer for us and our organisations?

On this episode of WorkED Marc Washbourne sits down with one of his personal mentors, Mark Hodgson, for a bracing look at the risks we take as individuals and organisations by sitting still – as well as the hope, happiness and sense of opportunity we can all rekindle by committing to career and self-reinvention.

From the role that self-awareness, curiosity and courage can play in turning disengaged managers into leaders that inspire change, to what it takes to make it as a solopreneur outside the confines of the corporate and institutional world, Mark offers deep insights he argues will be more relevant than ever in 2020.

How can we avoid turning into the ‘grumpy old person in the corner’? How can our essence and humanity marry with our hard-earned experience and expertise to propel us into a greater career flourishing? Most importantly, can we all choose to become our own ‘second-half hero’?

006 - The Digital Credentials Explosion - David Kinsella Everitas

006 - The Digital Credentials Explosion - David Kinsella Everitas

October 28, 2019

Digital credentials or ‘badging’ promises to transform education and training by turning the knowledge and skills we possess into a digital form that is more relevant to modern employers. But what does this mean for educators and are digital credentials about to explode?

On this episode of WorkED Marc Washbourne sits down with self-confessed digital credentials evangelist David Kinsella of Everitas (an affiliate of US-based Credly in Australia) for an exclusive insider’s view of the digital credential revolution about to shake up Australian education.

From what digital credentials are (and what they’re not) to how leading brands like IBM and RMIT are using them to run better businesses, Marc and David reveal the secrets of digital credentialing success and how savvy educators can begin to unlock their power today.

What are the ‘10 Commandments of Digital Credentialing’? What will a future with digital credentials look like in five to ten years? And what will the coming explosion mean for the way educators, students and employers will interact to create lifelong learning?

Find out the answers to these question and more on this episode of WorkED.


The views expressed in this podcast are entirely those of the guests only.

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